Billboard Marketing

October 1st will be the end of the billboards. Congrats to the models picked.

Would you like to be on a billboard also? I’m taking applications / compcards for the next model to help market my photography business.  Anyone who I agree to put on the billboard will be published guaranteed.  I will pay for the billboard cost. Send your request to with your headshot/comp card. Contact information / social pages. This is for adult male/female models only. Please include the word (BILLBOARD) on the subject line.

If you’ve got what it takes I will give you a $250.00 credit to use for any photography sessions of your choice.  If you’re selected, all I ask, is that you pay $100.00 for the shoot fee. Since you’ve agreed to pay for my shooting services to be on the billboard, as my payment to you other than the company credit, you’ll get to keep all the photos from the billboard session, (rather than 5 or 10 photos). This billboard session will last one hour.  You’ll get a print release. I’ll even add your name and my contact information to the billboard also.


  • What do I get for being on your billboard? A. $250.00 credit / gift to Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. to use any way, you want.  Trust me, it’s worth it. Just be sure to use it up. This will only be good for 30 days. See what you can buy for $250.00 ->


  • Q. What is the cost to be put on the billboard? A. Nothing at all. I’m paying for the cost of the billboard.


  • Q. How long will I be on the billboard? A. I’m running them 7am to about 10pm Friday, Saturday & Sundays for two weeks.  So, the billboard should be seen about 50 to 5000 per day and an average of 500 rotations.


  • Q. Why the weekends? A. That’s when people are off work and going to the beach. They will see them more than the weekdays other than the 5pm rush.


  • Q. Can I be seen more on the billboard? Sure, not a problem. I’ll make up a contract and you can pay for the advertisement. I’ll have to have at least one watermark showing “SpedaleJr”. If you’re paying for the add then you should be the one getting the fame. Otherwise, if I’m paying for it, only your likeness will be used for sure. See the above photos samples. To get an idea as to what the $100.00 will buy.


  • Q. Can I share this on social media? A. Sure can, in fact since you’re a part of the sJr portfolio, you’ll be seen in all my social media pages that I post my portfolio to also.


  • Q. What are your social media pages? A. I’m so glad you asked, In no order, Facebook, ModelMayhem, 500px, Instagram, Pinterest,, YouTube, Flickr, Google+

Any other questions. Please feel free to Call or text 850  832  S1X  Zer0  93