Beach Pong SB2K14


  Written by Chris

Beach Pong is a game which can be played by 2, 4 or more people in desired teams and is a combination of Horseshoes and Beer Pong.  Each team has 6 buckets on their side which are shaped like plastic drink cups.  The goal of the game is to throw the ball into the opposing team’s buckets removing them from play, at which point the water contained in the bucket is dumped over the opposition team member of choice.  The game is won when the opposite team has no more buckets left.  This is a family oriented outdoor game meant for the late spring, summer, and early fall.

#PCB #SB2K14 #PanamaCityBeach #SpedaleJr
#PCB #SB2K14 #PanamaCityBeach #SpedaleJr


Ball Sketch

The Equipment
To play the game, 12 buckets, 2 balls, and a water source are needed.  In addition a weather proof set of rules and a bucket spacer is included to make game play easier.

The game will be packaged in two different methods, a complete set and individually.

Bucket Sketch

The complete set includes everything needed to play, 12 buckets, 2 balls, 2 bucket spacers, and rules.  The  individual set will include 6 buckets, 1 ball, 1 bucket spacer, and rules.  The individual set will combine together to be an easy to carry game.

The buckets should be rigid enough to withstand the impact of the ball.  The ball should be somewhat elastic to allow for bouncing where the ground allows for it.

The Setup
The front buckets will be placed 10ft apart and placed in a triangular formation similar to bowling pins.  Unlike horseshoes the entire team is on one side behind their buckets.

Playing Area Sketch

The Rules
-The players must stay behind the last bucket on their side when shooting.
-If a bucket is knocked over for any reason it is out of play.
-There is no touching of the ball while it is in the air, if the ball hits the ground it is fair game to block.

How to Play
To determine who begins the game one player from each team throws the ball at the same time.  Whoever sinks the ball goes first, if both balls are sunk at the same time it must be redone.  If there is only one player per team they are thrown again by the same person, if there are multiple people on a team then a new player from each team must throw the ball until the first person is up again.  This continues until someone wins and the team who shoots first is decided.  This is only used to determine who shoots first, these buckets are not removed from play.  The team who shoots first can be decided by a coin toss, rock, paper, and scissors, etc. so long as both teams agree upon a method.


After determining who shoots first the buckets are placed in the desired format depending on the game.  The most common way is the triangle format, with three in the back, two in the middle, and one up front.  The team that starts play throws their two balls, trying to get their shot into one of the other team’s buckets.  If two balls are sunk in the same turn the other team loses their turn and the balls are returned for two more shots.  There is no limit to this rule, and with enough skill the game could be won in 6 shots, which is highly unlikely.  If one or no shots were made during a team’s turn then the balls are given to the other team and they are given the opportunity to shoot.  Any throwing technique may be used however it is not allowed to throw the ball at the buckets in an effort to knock them over.


There are several ways buckets can be removed from play, sinking a ball or accidentally knocking them over.  When a ball is made into a bucket the team who shot it is given the opportunity to pour the water in the bucket on the player of choice.SpedaleJr_Photography_PCB_sb2k14_shoot_Panama_City_Florida_portfolio-3038

When the last of the team’s buckets is sunk, the opposing team is given a chance to take the game into overtime, called rebuttal.  The only way to ensure the other team is not given a chance at rebuttal is sink two buckets or both balls in one bucket, the last bucket is never removed from play.  When this happens the team who has rebuttal is given both balls to shoot, if they make a shot they are given the ball back, if they miss the shot it is out of play.  They continue until they run out of balls to shoot or they sink the other team’s buckets taking the game into overtime.

Overtime consists of the same game concept except 3 buckets are used instead of 6.  The team who sank the final bucket before rebuttal shoots first.  The same rules apply and the goal is still to remove the opposing team’s buckets from play.  There is no limit to the number of overtimes which can occur in a game.

How to Win
The game ends when one set of buckets are completely removed from play.  It can also be won if two balls are sunk in the same bucket during the same round.  This makes it very important to remove the bucket from play as soon as the other team gets a ball into it.

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