4K HD Life lesson 380 What happen Joel

Life Lesson #380

Saturday the 27th of 2018 Joel got up early with the excitement of wanting to go get what he’s been begging Rachelle and I for. If you’ve watched the past videos you may know what it was. Well, he lost two front teeth to get money from the Tooth Fairy. I made a deal with Joel on my birthday if he lost both front teeth then I would buy him a……… Watch the video to see what he got and what happens… I’ sorry Joel. it happens even to Casey Neistat. I hope this doesn’t happen to me. I love mine so much it’s like a kid to me…. 🙁

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Joel has lost it. Find out what he lost.

Joel Lost it! Find out what he lost in the video. LIFE lesson 379

It’s time for Joel to lose the second front tooth. We called my mom over to help out. She’s great at getting teeth out. Please share this video with anyone needing an idea of how to take their kids teeth out. They too can see they are not the only ones who lose teeth. The tooth fairy gave him $5.00 for the second tooth. Money he wants to put towards a viper drone. Soon I hope to have a video on this goal of his. STAY TUNED!

Life Lesson 377

Life Lesson 377 spedale

Last Night my nephews camped out in the backyard. They brought their pellet guns with them for some target practice. The next day, we got up and wanted to join them in a bit of shooting too. Find out what happens. Sorry Joel, life lesson # 377.


Oh and Joel loves Jake Paul. What happen to him?

All the boys are sick

Sick Kids.

Don’t you love when one kid gets sick, the other get sick too? On 1-4-18 we had to take all 4 boys to the Doctor. It started with Lennox going to the Doctor. See other video for that. Watch this video on the outcome of all 4 boys. Please share this video if this has happen to you. Also please check out our other videos.