Annoying Telemarketers / scammers

I can’t stand being called by them on my business line. Here are the phone numbers that called me.

7024753806 called me two times. Google search came up with this!

8508327704 “Google business opportunity” TOTAL CRAP! Don’t fall for that! They stole this phone number. I think they use google by sending the person a message saying, ” enter this number on google” it’s a “Change your number code, then they own your cell phone number. They do this via CraigsList of people trying to sell items. DO not give them the code that was sent to your cell phone.

850-724-8129 Or 850-832-7459 FAKE ‭+1 (850) 832-7459‬ Google account call.‭‬IRS ‭+1 (888) 809-5253‬ fraud alert number

(727) 947-5192 Caller:Police Donation Caller Type: Telemarketing

401-753-4835 “Ga**y M***s Su**er” family event scam. Wanting me to take $4600 over  my cost to pay the event / wedding planner. They’ve tried to scam me before. DON’T fall for this one. Email: I asked for an I.D. and he texted me a passport. They ask you to pay the planner because they are out of the country, or medical problems. I then asked who the planner is, how would I pay them. I couldn’t get any information from this person until the money clears. Strange.  So I told him I would pay $4600 out of my pocket and he could pay me back. I asked how to send him the money he said, ” 254-880-1493 wellFargo S. Tayo Oshin sure thanks while I hold for the receipt. send me the receipt when your are done” He won’t tell me how to send him the money. (UPDATE) 12/6/17 he is after me. He’s trying to hack all my accounts. Little does he know who I am, or what I can do. I have all his I.P. and Mac addresses, location and the phone number to his local police dept. I’m letting him try and keep hacking and scamming, I’m just making a book of how he does what he’s doing. I can’t wait until his time is up. This is just sad. He’s wasting his time, I may be the last person he does this to. We will see what happens next..

(Need a loan?) (949) 359-8245 (Trying to give me money for my business.) “Are you the business owner?”

8033983013 trying to scam money out of me.