about us

We want you to think of Spedale Jr Photography LLC as an investment for your modeling portfolio as well as the self-image you party yourself as online.  I would like to help you get that big start with a portfolio on the next level. This is not your average photography business, this is, “Models of Spedale Jr” The social media guru who can put our collaborative photos on all the top social media sites. So, I’m sure you can see how much the photos mean to Spedale Jr, as your photographer and friend.

I’m a married man with a business, who’s here to serve (ALL) my client’s photography/web service needs. I don’t shoot nude nor am I here to hook up with you or any other reasons then to work for you and my portfolio.

I don’t shoot portfolio photos free, I’m here for the new models who need my services in getting their names out. If you’re a superstar, I need you more then you need me, because you’ve already got that BIG start and are making MILLIONS already.

The only models I shoot free are at my events that I’m looking for new faces for “Models of Spedale Jr as well as helping other new photographers of the community learn the trade. We like to add new photos to our yearly portfolios as well as learn some new tricks of the trade. I publish all work on http://SpedaleJr.com and all top social sites. Any questions, please email me Joe@SpedaleJr.com or Book@SpedaleJr.com  call or text 850-832-6093

Not all models will make it big or even take their career out of Panama City.  But if you’ve got the time and money to invest in yourself as a true model, Spedale Jr Photography will do everything we can to help you in just about any need you may have. If I can’t do it, I’ll find someone who can.