50% off!! (last deal of 2014)

September 7th through the 13th is the (early) off season session special, I normally run in October. But I have a baby due and I’ll be photographing my new addition the week of the due date. I will be spending time with family the whole month of October, so I’m offering you all the 3rd and last deal of 2014. Save half off everything, family, baby’s, portraits you name it, it’s 50% off. The slots start at 4:00pm to 8:00pm, also with no additional charge you  get a DVD, print release, and full edits of the best photos. This also includes web friendly photos to show off on your favorite social media sites. Lock in your date now. Just message Joe, or email Book@SpedaleJr.com call or text 85O-83Tw0-SiX-ZeR0-93