2017 Beach Bash Event


7-2-2017 4:00pm cst

This is it Panama City Florida, come try out modeling totally free. See if it’s for you. You may love it or hate it. You’ll never know until you try it out. This is your opportunity to be seen.

Location: On the beach by: Thomas Donut & Snack Shop https://goo.gl/maps/YDtacPGEn632

  • Clothing / look, requested. I’m open to ideas.
    (1.) Summer Dress.
    (2.) Classy Spring look.
    (3.) Male/Female Swimsuits/Bikini 1 or 2 piece with or without cover ups. Hair should be down on the first half and pulled back on the last half, but it’s up to you.
    (4.) Male models board shorts no MAN thongs. 🙂 Any beachy prep look, spiked hair or pulled back hair.

Welcome to the Panama City Beach Bash Event. We welcome all members of the Panama City Photography & Modeling club. No matter your skill level in photography or modeling, you’re welcome.


How this works. If you’ve never been to an event, it’s super easy/fun to get free photos from local professional to amateur photographers alike. If you’re a model/subject just walk up to any photographer and jump in. Remember to give some space to the ones being photographed and have fun with it. This is a free event to all. We encourage you to meet and mingle with one another to learn and to prospect as they maybe your next paid client. We ask that all who attend to act in a professional manner to one another and be helpful to get great photos. This is a learning event, so asking questions is welcome to all. Posing wise, fell free to pose any way you would at a “PUBLIC” beach. If you don’t want to pose a certain way, that’s ok. Remember this, the photos are being published in the model / photographers portfolio. So you all will have the right to use any (published/posted) photos from the event. All models must be 18+ with an identification otherwise please bring a patent of legal guardian to sign for you. All subjects/models are required to sign a model release. Other than that, HAVE FUN and see you all then!!!

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